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Category: Asylum

Immigration Case Closed Under Prosecutorial Discretion

10/6/2023 – We got a “win-win” result in immigration court today. Previously the primary attorney on the case submitted a request for prosecutorial discretion to the US government attorney. After several months and more than one court hearing, the US attorney finally agreed to dismiss the case under its authority to grant prosecutorial discretion. Prosecutorial […]

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Asylum Granted for Russian Family in Immigration Court

10/5/2023 – It was a good day in court. The judge granted asylum for a Russian family who fled persecution from the oppressive political regime of Vladimir Putin. Obviously for their own safety their identities must remain confidential. However, for anyone from Russia who has spoken out against the government and been the victim of […]

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Client Testimonial – Removal Defense

I am very grateful to Attorney Derrick for his help. Derrick is a very professional and compassionate lawyer, he has worked hard for my immigration case. He has very rich court experience, and having him in court with me makes me very confident about my case. Thanks to his defense in court, I was able […]

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Grant of Asylum

7/25/2023 – Immigration Court. The court granted asylum for a Chinese woman and two rider respondents based on the strong evidence of past persecution that was presented in her case. The persecution arose from China’s implementation of its coercive reproduction practices through its national family planning policy. Although China has made progress in its family […]

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Success In Immigration Court

8/1/2023 – Santa Ana Immigration Court. After fighting in court on two separate hearing dates, Derrick finally won his client’s asylum case. The court granted asylum for a Chinese woman who had suffered persecution by agents of the Chinese government when they mercilessly implemented China’s family planning policies against her. As a result of his […]

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